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by Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

When I read stories in our IMPACT MAGAZINE Volume 04  like Emily’s on page 16 or Haakon’s story of E. on page 20, I get goosebumps.

Goosebumps from reading how one human being changed another human’s life. By simply sharing what he or she knows.

The most amazing things in life are simple – based on my experience.

So, if sharing what we know with others, and helping them improve and enhance their life in the process, is amazing – and simple – how come it does not automatically translate into business success for all the great coaches, consultants, teachers, and trainers out there?

How come so many coaches are barely making ends meet, and – even though what they do can potentially impact the life of hundreds of people out there – they often end up going back to get a job, to pay the bills?

One of the answers is of course having great value and turning it into a business requires more than “just” sheer passion.

The other answer is that a lot of coaches are “the world’s best kept secret” and nobody knows about them and the great value they provide.

And that’s exactly where the IMPACT MAGAZINE comes in:

We want to help share these positive stories with the world, so more people can be touched, inspired and benefit from the expertise of their fellow human.

And here’s my plea to you, dear reader:

Please share the magazine and the inspiring stories with others.

You never know who might benefit from them – and be prevented from jumping off a cliff – metaphorically and literally speaking.

Share it and spread the good news:

There is a way out (of whatever you’re dealing with).

And there is someone on this planet who would love to show you how.

Love, Nathalie Sabrina Dahl


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